Trujillo gastronomy refers to the set of dishes and typical dishes of the city of Trujillo , located in the Peruvian north coast of La Libertad region . This presents a tasty cuisine and diverse number of dishes , sometimes ancient tradition ; They are prepared with fish , shellfish , seaweed, birds , livestock, local products , etc ; Typical dishes are counted in more than one hundred. The names of the dishes of food are almost always original and even natives. Currently with the rise of Peruvian food they have been established in the city of numerous colleges cuisine.

  • Cevcihe.
  • Shambar.
  • Sopa Teóloga.
  • Frejoles a la Trujillana.
  • Pepián de Pava.
  • Pescado a la Trujillana.
  • Mojellitas al Sillao.