At the coastal village of HUANCHACO, 14 kms west of Trujillo, fisherman launch their reed rafts into the as they have for thousands of years.

Huanchaco is the mythical lading spot of TAKAYNAMO, the founder of the CHIMU EMPIRE who ordered the costruction of CHAN CHAN around 1200 A.D. Even before Takaynamo´s arrival, Huanchaco fisherman were using their using their exquisitely crafted "Caballitos de Totora" reed rafts with gracefully curved bows that are depicted on 2,000 year old Mochica ceramics.


Modern-day Trujillo has one of Perus greatest collections of colonial homes. On the other side of town there is HUACA DE LA LUNA, where archeologists continue to unearth pristine murals from the MOCHE EMPIRE.

The most important cultures were the Moche, chimu and Sican empires who built elaborate cities over a millenia and a half before being conquered by the INCAS in 1470.

Each morning 80 full time fisherman straddle their caballitos, they fish with line and hook or drop their weighted gill nets.

This beach town still maintains most of it´s village charm. Most visitors come to Huanchaco to surf or to rest from the rigors of travel.